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About the Show

The drama "Cronkite" in 24 breathtaking minutes, recreates some of the most memorable moments covered by Walter Cronkite while anchor of the CBS Evening News.

While the award winning professional actor, Jim Korinke, is on stage acting the very words of Walter Cronkite, in the background, the audience experiences a multi-media depiction of the events Cronkite is discussing. The entire experience is an emotional remembrance of the events that changed our country forever and honors the most famous television broadcaster in the history of the world, Walter Cronkite.

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Show Times

Open to the Public
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Jim Korinke

as Walter Cronkite

Jim Korinke has been a professional actor for 42 years and a proud member of The Equity Actors Association for 39 years. He has performed in over 120 stage performances, appeared in some two dozen feature films, hundreds of commercials, and was the voice of Walmart for four years. "This project has been particularly rewarding. I can’t think of anyone I respected, admired or aspired to more, than Mr. Cronkite. I am so honored, and humbled, to have been asked to bring his words and wisdom to life again."

Dr. Robert A. Vartabedian

Conceived and Edited

Our live, multi-media show: “Cronkite” is intended to be a finale to one’s viewing of our Walter Cronkite Memorial. In this brief, live show we sought to capture the essence of our beloved native son and “most trusted man in America.” Ultimately, we wanted to give you a snapshot of some of the pivotal events of our lives through the eyes of Mr. Cronkite--the most respected journalist of the 20th century.

Voice Actors

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  • Dan Kellogg
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  • Dr. Jeanne Daffron
  • Caller 3
  • Gary Exline
  • Caller 4
  • Sebastian Smith
  • Caller 5
  • Patty Kuechler
  • Caller 6
  • Dr. Carol Roever

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For information about "Cronkite" or the Walter Cronkite Memorial please send us a message, visit the Walter Cronkite Memorial website, or call us at (816)271-4100.

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